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Stephen Russell

Stephen L. RussellThese days, Stephen L. Russell is perhaps best known as the voice of Mr. Handy, aka Codsworth from Bethesda’s Fallout 3 and it’s critically acclaimed sequel Fallout 4. He began acting for games in 1998, when he created the iconic, world weary, master thief Garrett, in the grandaddy of all stealth games, Thief, the Dark Project. He would go on to voice Garrett two more times inThief 2, The Metal Age and Thief 3, Deadly Shadows, as well as create some of the more memorable supporting characters in the Thief universe, including Karras, Raoul and the fan favorite guard Benny. Other notable games include another masterpiece from Looking Glass Studios, System Shock 2 and the recent mind-bending Magic Circle. His work in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim brought him a whole new group of fans. He divides his time between the salt marshes of Massachusetts and the mountains of central Mexico.