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Michella Moss

She’s best known for the creepy voice that sings Ballora’s song in Five Nights at Freddy’s, but Michella Moss is also the sensuous voice for luxury resorts (Sandals), the confident voice of trusted brands (Toyota, Verizon, T Rowe Price), the knowledgeable voice for Universities (UBC, CSU, Cornell) and the voice that puts you in the zone to meditate (Relax melodies)… just to name a few.

Michella’s voice has been heard locally, regionally, nationally and internationally on Radio, film, documentaries, video games and audio books.

An accomplished singer, songwriter and performer, Michella has honed her craft, wowed her clients and continues to up her game through ongoing acting classes, continued songwriting and performing.

Her current inspiration and creative juice come from living in the wilds of British Columbia, Canada.