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Laura Summer

Laura Summer Crop greenAfter over 50 on-camera commercials, including 8 spots for Hanes Underwear with Inspector 12, Laura created the iconic role of Janine in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, with over 78 episodes.  She has also voiced in Digimon as Patamon (Over 90 episodes & the movie), Hello Kitty’s Paradise as Kitty’s twin sister Mimi (opposite client Melissa Fahn), Channel Umptee-3 created by Norman Lear, Super Pig “Tonde Buurin” as Heather Hogwash, and The Garfield Show as the Twins, Druisilla and Minerva.  Laura has done a ton of ADR working for Disney Channel and ABC Family.  She is currently voicing in Switched at Birth and Recovery Road which will debut 2016.