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Michael Jaegers

TFC PHOTO Michael Jaegers

Michael Jaegers started his career in film unexpectedly in 1995 as a civil war soldier for TNT’s Andersonville. After a LONG filming drought in Georgia, productions started lining up to take advantage of very lucrative tax incentives to film here. Michael started working background bits on CW’s hit show The Vampire Diaries when production began in 2009. This led to film projects like Hall Pass w/ Owen Wilson, The Change Up w/ Ryan Reynolds and Flight w/ Denzel Washington among others. Then there’s The Walking Dead where he has worked 4 seasons so far and portrayed 18 different walkers and racked up 7 kills. First featured as the walker that fell on Andrea in the Season 2 finale. This pivotal scene led to her being abandoned by the group on the farm and eventually to Michonne and Woodbury! He got to stalk Rick and his group into the crazy hermit’s cabin in episode 7 of season 3, emerging from the the bread truck in episode 10 or “JaegersBomb” as one fan put it and then getting his head stomped by Michonne in episode 15 and later dubbed “Head Pop Walker” on The Talking Dead. In season 5 one of his highlights was crawling up Glenn’s leg at the Big Spot in the season premiere. Lately he has been standing in and photo doubling various cast members on ABC’s Resurrection as well as being Kurtwood Smith’s (That 70’s Show) and Jim Parrack’s (True Blood) full time stand in. He’s also been working on various indie films. And there’s more to come and hopefully more seasons to come! Stay tuned here for updates on Michael’s filming career and more!

UPDATE:: 8/13
Wrapped up a featured bit on Hunger Games Catching Fire in fall of ’12, an opportunity to work with Will Ferrell in Anchorman 2 and is now currently working behind the camera on the crew for an ABC series entitled Resurrection starring Omar Epps and Kurtwood Smith to premiere in March ’14 w/ production filming from 8/13-10-13!

UPDATE:: 6/14
Michael completed a couple days of featured work on Stephen King’s upcoming film Cell w/ John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. Michael has been doing a good bit of stand-in work for Devious Maids standing in for Tom Irwin, Drew Van Acker and Grant Show. He also worked as a stand-in for Dave Anabelle and Charlie Rowe for the pilot episode of Red Band Society. This series will air on Fox this fall starring Octavia Spencer! More to come!

UPDATE:: 1/15
Michael has spent 2 seasons doing stand in work, PA work as well as photo double work for ABC’s Resurrection. He was the full time stand in for Kurtwood Smith (That 70’s Show) and Jim Parrack (True Blood). He’s also starred in a couple of indie short films “It’s Not The End Of The World” which he played the lead and “Z-Com: Dead, White and Blue” as Roy the Jailer. Both are being submitted to various film festivals. Michael is currently awaiting production to begin for Devious Maids Season 3 in mid Feb. to continue his stand in work and is hoping to continue doing more indie films and work to perfect his craft.