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Emily Bauer

TFC PHOTO Emily Bauer

Emily Bauer is a talented and versatile actress, voice-over artist and all-around nice gal. With animation credits spanning almost 20 years, Emily is best known to anime fans for her starring roles in ‘Pokemon’ (Dawn, Officer Jenny, Cynthia, and dozens of creatures), ‘Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V’ (ZuZu), and Miyazaki films such as ‘Nausicaa’. Emily also had starring roles in ‘Kurokami’, Ninja Nonsense’ and ‘Ah! My Goddess’, to name a few.

Animation credits include ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’, ‘Wallykazam’, ‘The Magic School Bus’, ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’, and many more.

Emily is also an accomplished commercial actress with scores of national television and radio commercials.

In addition to performing, Emily loved to help aspiring voice over performers through coaching and workshops. She teaches nationwide and internationally whenever her schedule permits.