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Courtenay Taylor

f1ab2441-68e5-4aad-9e1c-3194abc02b09Psychotic biotic? Check. Dulcet-toned humanoid? Check. Post-apocalyptic wasteland wanderer? Check and check! That’s right; Jack from Mass Effect 2 & 3, Starla on Cartoon Network’s Regular Show and the Sole Survivor in Fallout 4 all share the same vocal cords of actress Courtenay Taylor!

You will also recognize her voice as that of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6 & RE:Damnation, Serina in Halo Wars, Jedi Juhani In Knights Of the Old Republic and Lego’s Wicked Witch of the West!!  She’s Amanda Holliday in Destiny, Val in Evolve, Hex & KnightMare in Skylanders, Hope in Mad Max, Wonder Woman in Justice League Heroes, Sergeant Hammer in Heroes Of The Storm. and voices roles in other popular video games like Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, XCom, Halo, Call of Duty, Diablo 3, Fallout New Vegas, WildStar, Alpha Protocol, and 80+ more!

While providing the pipes for a host of animated characters, you may also see her in live action projects like the cult classic Cannes-awarded feature Rubber as well as roles on TV’s Franklin & Bash and Criminal Minds.