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Barbara Goodson

Barbara GoodsonBarbara Goodson became aware of her mimicry skills early on while imitating friends and family members for their entertainment.

Her career covers many genres. Recently, Barbara played the “Wise Shaman” in the indie sci-fi film Home Sweet Home, and can also be seen in the feature Good Satan as “Mother Teresa”, “Cybill” in Killer Granny , (Doug Jone’s sister) “Aunt Eloise” in Cruel Will and “Olga, the crazy landlady” in the web series LaLaLand. She just finished playing “Rozzie – The Mah Jong Lady” in an original play (hoping to go to Broadway) called My Mother’s Keeper and the voice of “Grandma” in a new Arby’s commercial.

Among the over 200 characters Barbara has voiced, she is most known for creating the voice of “Empress Rita Repulsa” on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, “Mother Talzin” in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Naota” in FLCL, “Red Fraggle” in the animated Fraggle Rock, “Granny Chiyo” in Naruto, “Lady Vashj” in World of Warcraft, “Sera” &“Marie Crystal” in Robotech, “Darling” in Lady and the Tramp II, and “Cruella Deville”& “Cinderella’s Step Mother” in Disney-On-Ice.
Barbara was extremely proud to be awarded a Best Actor Award for “Mother Talzin” in Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2012 by Behind The Voices Actors and receiving an Earphones Award for narrating “Blair Clemons” in the book On A Night Like This. She was also part of the wonderful cast of the series CloudBread nominated for an Annie and International Emmy Award for chlldren’s programming.

She is truly grateful to all the fans that grew up with her and is very excited to meet them all!